©2019 by Carla Gina Rubeo

Issues: Pour Your Heart Out, 2018-present

The on-going project titled Issues is a self-portrait, and a representation of contemporary social issues. Starting from the content of Vogue magazines, I create narratives that surround the topics of body image, sexuality, identity, and feminism.  

By sharing a common aesthetic, fashion magazines contain high quality images and glossy paper to transcend the products on display, transforming it into an object of desire. I'm interested in developing a technique that recalls a sense of nostalgia for the viewer, and to induce them into a hypnotic trance- a state of mind where they are free to use their imagination. I'm curious about the responses in which our minds create once digesting all this hyper-visual material. Our individual perception of colours, shapes, patterns and text will ultimately define a unique experience. These moments are saved within our memory as a storage of visual information; I'm interested in telling new stories, using images we have already seen, but deconstructed, and reconfigured in my own world. 

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